Meet the new CDG Modular LED Downlight from NICOR

A versatile lighting solution that combines modular design features with selectable wattage/color temperature and wireless control technology.

Flexible optical system

Standard field-adjustable optics produce a range of 36° to 60°, while the optional narrow optic spans 22° to 36° for a more focused light distribution


Customizable trims

Choose from a variety of reflector finishes: Haze, White, Specular Smooth (6"), or Specular Prismatic (4").


Selectable Wattage

12W  /  25W  /  38W


Selectable CCT

27K  /  30K  /  35K  /  40K  /  50K


Selectable Beam Angle

36° to 60°  /  22° to 36°


Modular. Innovative. Versatile.

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